Customer Reviews

Black & White Photography Course

"I've just finished Sarah's Black and White Photography ebook and video course. I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to develop their skills in black and white photography, from field craft to editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Really worth getting the package including the ebook. Now I need to get practicing!" - John 

11 Composition Lessons Course

"It is extremely insightful how Sarah walks you through her process from the moment she arrives in the field all the way through post processing. I found the lessons enlightening and conveyed in a format which was easy to comprehend. This ebook has provided me with a whole new thought process that I can apply when I arrive in the field." - Chris

Beyond the Grand Landscape Ebook

"I am becoming very excited about intimate landscapes and smaller scenes. At the risk of bragging... I want you to know I took the two of the best shots I have ever taken after reading your Beyond the Grand Landscape ebook. The photos in the ebook are fantastic (not surprising) and the prose is excellent. Thanks so much for your help.” - Susan