A personalized session designed to offer you helpful feedback about your photographs with a focus on personal expression, composition, light, processing, and technique.

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A portfolio review (a cohesive set of photos organized around a theme) or photo feedback session (individual photos without a single theme) is a great option for any photographer looking for in-depth, personalized feedback. This process starts with a brief written interview so Sarah can get a sense of your personal photography goals and gain an understanding of what you hope to get out of the session. You will then have the opportunity to submit 10 finished photo files, which Sarah will review in advance to make the most of our time together.

During the session* itself, we will have the opportunity to discuss your intentions for each photo and specific areas of feedback you wish to receive. Sarah will also provide feedback about composition, technique, use of light, photo processing, things that work best, and things that could be improved. The session will wrap up with some general observations and recommendations for areas of study or practice that could help you improve your photography moving forward. This service is available to photographers of all skill levels. Sarah’s feedback starts with your goals in mind and is offered with the intention of being kind, helpful, encouraging, and practical.

*Since we all learn in different ways and this kind of session can feel intimidating, we can decide on the format that works best for you. This can include a live video session where we can exchange ideas and have a live discussion, a recorded video that I provide to you, or through written correspondence.


Personalized coaching with an experienced mentor can be a transformational experience, especially in a creative field like nature photography. Through supportive feedback, you can gain an external perspective and insights that can be clarifying, time-saving, and confidence-building. Working with a coach can help you identify priorities, improve your skills, or work through creative challenges more effectively than you might be able to do on your own. A coach can also help you see themes in your work, hone in on your personal style, and work towards developing a stronger creative voice. While all sorts of educational resources are available for nature photographers, most are not tailored to your specific needs and goals. Coaching can bridge that gap by focusing entirely on you and your creative goals.  

Prior to becoming a full-time nature photographer, Sarah worked as a management and leadership consultant with nonprofit organizations and foundations. A major part of her practice included working with leaders and staff on setting and achieving personal and organizational goals. Thus, Sarah brings many years of experience in mentoring and informal coaching to her photography business. Sarah also has extensive experience in teaching professional development sessions and is known for her practical, accessible teaching style. All of this is in addition to her extensive experience as a nature photographer, photography educator, and writer. Sarah’s coaching starts with your goals in mind and is offered with the intention of being kind, helpful, encouraging, and practical.